CCE Projects

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CCE Projects for Class 10 & Class 9

The purpose of Project Work is to enable the learners to apply and extend classroom learning to life outside the school. The Board is proposing and promoting group project work.

Every individual is required to contribute to the completion of the project and may be awarded marks/grades in proportion to their contribution. However, it is essential that in order to make project work meaningful and learning oriented, the identification and selection of project work may be done with utmost care.

Sufficient required guidance and a suitable time-frame may be provided to the group or individual for carrying out the project effectively.

The subject teacher may ensure and certify that the project has been completed by the group or the individual as desired. Preferring group projects over individual projects will also promote social skills and lessen teacher’s correction work load.

What I hear J forget “What I see, I remember “What I do, I understand” – Kung Fu Tzu (Confucius)