March, 2009

Mathematics Project on Pie

Pie Objective To know about n the ratio of circumference of a circle to its diameter Procedure 1. Collected information about n from teachers, books and internet 2. Collected work done by various mathematicians on n. 3. Written value of n up to 50 places of decimal. What is It is the sixteenth letter of […]

Maths Project on Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index (BMI) Objective To investigate the health of students of a class based on the Body Mass Index (BMI). Where BMI = weigh2 Height2 Description Measured the heights of all students in my class. Measured their weights in kg. Established the relationship between height and weight for boys and girls separately. Roll. No […]

Mathematics Project on Male Female Ratio

Male Female Ratio Objective To investigate by how much and how has the male female ratio changed over the generations? What is the estimated Male Female ratio for the next generation taking in account the last 3 generations? Description Contacted 5 persons by visiting their place or talking over phone and collected information about number […]

Maths Project on Volume and Surface Area of Cube and Cuboid

Volume and Surface Area of Cube and Cuboid Objective To explore the changes in surface areas and volumes of cuboids with respect to each other. Description Case 1: Took the cuboids having equal volumes and following dimensions:- 1) Length = 20cm, Breadth = 10cm, Height = 5cm. 2) Length = 10cm, Breadth = 10cm, Height […]

Mathematics Project on Pythagoras Theorem and its Extension

Pythagoras Theorem and its Extension Objective To understand the Pythagoras theorem using geometrical representation by using areas of squares on each side of a right triangle, and extending it to three dimensional objects using volumes. Pythagoras Theorem states that square on Hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to sum of squares on remaining two […]

Maths Project on Displacement and Rotation of a Geometrical Figure

Displacement and Rotation of a Geometrical Figure Objective: To study between different points of a geometrical figure when it is displacement and/or rotated. Enhance familiarity with co-ordinate geometry. Description: 1.          A cut out of a geometrical figure such as a triangle is made and placed on a rectangular sheet of paper marked with X and […]

Mathematics Project on Probability

Experiments on Probability Objective: – To appreciate that finding probability through experiment is different from finding probability by calculation. Students become sensitive towards the fact that if they increase the number of observations, probability found through experiment approaches the calculated probability. Description :- (i) The teacher asked us to either work individually or at most […]

Mathematics Project on Geometry in Real Life

Geometry in Real Life Objective To become familiar with the fact that geometry (similar triangles) can be used in real life to find height of certain things and width of many others. Description In this project I tried to find situations in daily life where geometrical notions can be effectively used, I selected the following […]

Mathematics Project on Efficiency in Packaging

Efficiency in Packaging Hexagonal Packing Efficiency in packin Objective To investigate the efficiency of packing of objects of different shapes in a cuboid box. Efficiency is the percentage of box space occupied by the objects. Description 1. Took a certain number of cylindrical tins and packed them in a cuboid container. (a) For illustration I […]