April, 2009

Chemistry Project to Study Effect of Metal Coupling on Corrosion

To study of the effect of metal coupling on the rate of corrosion GYANESH   TIWARI Roll No.6261924 XII (SCIENCE) CONTENTS I.        Acknowledgement II.        Certificate III.        Aim IV.        Materials Required V.        Theory VI.        Procedure VII.  Observations VIII.    Conclusions IX.    Precautions Acknowledgement It is my duty to record my  sincere thanks and   deep  sense  of  gratitude  to    […]

Maths Project on Frequency of letters or words in a Language

Frequency of letters or words in a Language Objective Analysis of a language text, using graphical and pie chart techniques. DESCRIPTION : – 1)        I selected a paragraph containing approximately 250 words from any source example newspaper etc. 2)        I read every word and obtained a frequency table for each letter of the alphabet ( […]