May, 2009

Computer Science (C++) Project Report

Computer Science (C++) The Computer Science (C++) Project Report must contain following and in the same order as mentioned below : Certificate Acknowledgment Overview of C++ Need for the Project/Synopses/Summary Requirements(hardware & Software) along with instructions regarding how to install the project and use it are to be given. It should be a sort of […]

CBSE Maths Project Guide

Maths Project The project should be hand written Credit will be given to original and creative use of material/pictures/drawings/methods of illustrating The project must be presented in a neatly bound simple folder. Suggested Topics: Linear Equations Project Assignment Think of a question that asks about a cause and effect relationship between two measurable quantities. (eg.. […]

CBSE Disaster Management Project Topics

Disaster Management Project Social Science Projects, assignments, activities and Class Tests/ periodic tests are included in formative assessment. Terms 1 and 2 Through Project and Assignment in Formative assessment only Tsunami Safer Construction Practices Survival Skills Alternate Communication Skills Sharing Responsibility