CBSE Science Projects Class IX

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Science Projects

Class 9

Students of class IX are given the following project in science:

Project on Communicable Diseases

  • Collect information about communicable diseases by referring to books and journals and surfing the internet.
  • Present the information in a folder with illustrations, pictures and photographs.
  • The folders should be submitted for evaluation within 15 days.

The folders will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Content
  • Neatness of Presentation
  • Illustration

Students complete the task individually and submit the folders by the dead line. Teacher grades the work of the students as per the assessment criteria.

The project may be carried out in small groups of three or four.

Projects should, as far as possible, be done in the school itself. But certain projects that call for extensive research and work involving hands and using different materials may be difficult to be carried out within school hours. Since the main concern is about the genuineness and credibility of the work submitted for assessment by the students, if adequate care is taken by the teacher in monitoring the project work, students may be allowed to do some part of it outside the schools. Detailed guidelines on the precautions to be taken in this regard have been provided in this manual. By making the projects realistic and simple, teachers can ensure authenticity of the work of students.

Make projects a group activity so that it can be done in the classroom itself. Groups will decide, with the teacher’s help, what projects they will work on, division of the project into smaller units, allotment of smaller units among members etc. It means that project work should be discussed in the class to make it work.

Projects and Assignments that need much work outside the school and class hours also may not be ideal for formative assessment. Students may just copy or download from the internet. Parents and others may actually do the projects and assignments. Now a days projects and assignments could be bought from ‘Education Shops’!

Suggested Project Work:

To study the effect of temperature and surface area on rate of evaporation of three different liquids.